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My Story

I understand HG 

because I had HG 


Hi, I’m Andrea and my passion is helping women and their families through hyperemetic pregnancies and/or processing the experience afterwards.

My background as a therapist informs the way I coach my clients. I have 12 years of experience specializing in creative arts therapy working with varied populations. My Master’s thesis (New York University, 2012) was about exploring the efficacy of using a combination of creative arts interventions and traditional “talk therapy” with women who had had traumatic pregnancy experiences.

More importantly, I survived two severe HG pregnancies. My amazing daughters are now teenagers, but I never forgot the horror of my time battling HG: unending 24/7 nausea, constant vomiting, Zofran, Zofran pump, multiple hospitalizations, IV’s at home, hypersalivation, PICC line, dangerous weight loss, plus other issues.

It was so bad, in fact, that the Hyperemesis Education and Research Foundation asked me to be the example of an HG mom when the Today Show did a segment about HG back in 2008. You can see the full segment on YouTube.

Yes indeed, I was the poster child for vomiting. Basically hearing someone talk about a “pregnancy glow” used to make me want to run screaming from the room (sometimes it still does!)  So I deeply understand where you are with the torture that is or was HG for you, the dark places you’ve gone emotionally, the feelings of guilt, hopelessness, isolation. The indignity of having your experience minimized or disbelieved. I GET IT. Let me help you.


"I know of women whose doctors asked, Do you have an eating disorder? or Are you sure you want this baby? They think it’s psychosomatic. That’s just infuriating and really cruel."

―Andrea Stefens
The Today Show  (2008)


You do not need to be alone in this. You are in a battle for your life and the life of your baby - it is not a sign of weakness to bring someone on board who can guide and support you. Someone who believes in your ability to survive HG...and then thrive.


I’m glad you found me. Let’s work together. Reach out to me for a free 20 minute discovery call. 

Coaching vs. Therapy

It is important to know that coaching is not therapy.  While I am a licensed creative arts therapist, the services I offer through coaching differ significantly. If at any time during our coaching engagement I believe a referral to a therapist may be warranted, please know I will recommend you do so with your best interests at heart!


Goal Oriented and Future-Focused

Action and Strategy Centered

Empowerment and Guidance


Explore and Heal Past Traumas

Deeper Emotional Processing

Clinical Care Plan

Why Choose Coaching?

"Listen to the pregnant girl; she knows what she's talking about. When it's not morning sickness, it's not morning sickness."

―Husband of HG Pregnancy Sufferer

ABC News Australia (2023) 

Coaching supports you, your partner, and your family. 

  • I have been in your shoes with an HG pregnancy. As a coach, I am a safe, understanding landing place for your questions and frustrations and an advocate when you need it most.

  • HG is a challenging and debilitating pregnancy illness. As a coach, I can help you be more efficient in managing your pregnancy with the limited time and energy you have. 

  • When dealing with HG, the side effects create a domino effect that topples the medical, personal, professional, and financial lives of not only you but your partner and family. As a coach, I can provide you with tools and support to keep more of your dominos standing. 

If you are experiencing a medical or mental health crisis, call 911 or go the nearest hospital or emergency room.

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