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I've helped women across the U.S. manage their physical and emotional well-being during an HG pregnancy. 

Read what my clients have to share about their experience and then let's connect.

Jerri Y.

Andrea helped me navigate through the horrors of an extreme case of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) during the pregnancy of my only child. Her careful research on HG, thoughtful counsel, and listening skills are unmatched. I highly recommend her services to anyone experiencing HG.

Mabel M.

At four weeks pregnant I could already tell I was going to suffer from HG again. This time around, I was fortunate to have Andrea in my corner. When my doctor would not give me the medication I knew would work because they wanted me to try others first, Andrea advocated for me and told my husband it was probably time to try another doctor.

As we know, our mental health becomes affected by the numerous symptoms of HG. Andrea was there when I needed more intense support. It was Andrea who ultimately helped find me a therapist to help me with my postpartum depression. Without her support and knowledge of HG, I would not be here to raise my babies.

Kim B.

With my second pregnancy, I became debilitatingly sick before I was even pregnant enough to get a positive test result at home. Andrea's calm, clear, thoughtful support and advice helped me advocate for myself with my doctor's office to ensure I received the care I needed both right away and throughout my HG pregnancy. I'm deeply grateful that she was available to me then, and would absolutely recommend her to anyone experiencing HG now.

The testimonials and excerpts appearing on this site are from actual clients of Andrea Stefens Hyperemesis Coaching. Minor edits to the original text have been made for clarity.

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